Regional Artists

Sally Campbell | Painting
P 07 4657 4693
ABOUT  I live with my husband, Stew, near Blackall in Central Western Queensland on a beef cattle property. Our two sons are 21 and 17. I discovered my interest in painting after doing a workshop during  Blackall Heartland Festival in 2007. Since then I have continued to participate in different workshops to learn as much as I can.
Still life and flowers are my favourite topics to paint but have also tried my hand at landscapes and figurative work.  I enjoy painting with acrylics and watercolour as well as playing with mixed media.
In 2010, a trip of a lifetime opportunity arose to attend a watercolour workshop in Italy staying at a restored 12th century monastery in the hills of Chianti in Tuscany. This trip then led to having a painting exhibited in New York with others from the workshop.
In my short time as an artist I have exhibited and sold paintings in Blackall, Tambo and Barcaldine.  It is always a thrill to sell a piece or receive a prize.
My challenge is finding more time to paint at home as I have also become very involved in local arts organisations.
Nicole Harper | Painting
P 07 4654 0237
ABOUT Nicole paints as an interesting and rewarding way of interpreting her surroundings and as a way to create an identity for  herself. She constantly sees inspiration in the simple and is drawn to scenes which explore the diverse and vast landscape of Australia.
Nicole uses thinned acrylic paint to create spontaneous artworks which are quickly executed and  capture a moment in time. Scenes are also created in oil paint which is applied thickly and with a minimum of fuss.
Nicole has had several solo exhibitions and will be exhibiting in Maryborough and Tambo in 2014, and Quilpie and Brisbane in 2015. Her website has up to date information about where to view her work and also has works for sale.
Nicole lives on a cattle station in south west Queensland with family.

Alison Shaw | Glass
P 0428 546 107
ABOUT  I have loved glass since I was a child collecting sea glass from the beach at my home in New Zealand. I had boxes sorted into colours under my bed which I unsuccessfully endeavoured to melt and fuse. The transparency, colour and the light refraction of glass enthrals and interests me. The opportunity to undertake a fusing and slumping course could not be ignored, and from this introductory course I have continued with my development of this craft. I dream glass designs and literally can't stop. I enjoy sharing my passion and have begun to tutor others.
You can see my work at the Grassland Art Gallery in Tambo.
Jane Colvin | Painting | Mixed Media
FACEBOOK Janecolvincreations
ABOUT  I am Australian, many generations from anything else, and I was raised in rural Queensland where understanding the seasons, tracking  animals and knowing which plant was which were as much a part of my upbringing as learning to read and write.Recent dialogue discussing post-colonialism and the right (or otherwise) of non-Indigenous Australians to claim a connection to the land in which they were born, as well as to use this connection as a basis from which to develop their art practise, has caused me to look very deeply into my own belief system.
From this perspective, I am developing my own, personal way of describing my landscape and my strong connection to it, through painting the light and the colour that define it, and by sharing the   precious places that make this region special. My work is not about land ownership, it is about being a part of the land and at home in it.
I work predominantly in oils or watercolours, but also use charcoal, pastel, graphite, ink and acrylics.

Peta Warner | Mixed Media
P 0417561176  
ABOUT  Peta Warner is an artist living and working in south west Queensland, near the towns of Eulo and Cunnamulla. Through study of a BA in Fine Art externally she has come to explore a new focus of drawing and mixed media work. The theme throughout her work is the people and places where she has lived and travelled.
Peta’s work can be seen at The Eulo Queen Opal Centre in Eulo as well a various galleries and outlets in Cunnamulla, Thargomindah and south west Queensland.
Rustic Fridge Frames and Rural Gift Cards
P 07 49 841 178        
ABOUT  Working with her husband and family on their cattle property, inspiration is everywhere for Mindy who’s love of life on the land and photography has helped her create these authentic country designed MAGNETIC PHOTO FRAMES. In 11 authentic country designs, including Wire on Wood, Bolts & Corrugated Iron, Hot Pink Blooms & Barb…they are ready to bring your fridge to life! Rustic Fridge Frames are easy to post, light weight, and an affordable great gift idea for any member of the family or a friend.
ORDER ONLINE, and take a stroll through Mindy’s collection of rural images, printed onto cards for any occasion, capturing life on the land.
Lorraine Kath | Photography
P 07 4656 4949 
ABOUT  I live on a cattle property in far south west Queensland with my family. I started to take photos when our children were young and my passion for photography has progressed from there.
My backyard the ‘Outback’ is a spectacular place to live and to capture on camera. The ever changing scenery and the landscapes never cease to amaze. I love to attend the local events and capture the thrills and spills whether it is horse or motorbike gymkhanas, rodeos, campdrafts or the races. My photography range varies from aerial landscapes to flora and fauna. I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoy taking them.
A calendar and book are available on my website for purchase and photos are available at Windorah Information Centre and Wirrarri Information Centre in Birdsville.
Cassie Swanson | Painting
P 07 4654 6049
ABOUT  Cassie has lived and painted in Western Qld for many years, and enjoys painting the landscapes, people and places of our vast  arid area. She loves to depict the softer side of life in the bush, and much of her work is of flowers and children which are very important parts of her life.
Cassie started her artistic career with Watercolours, which by the nature of the medium, make for softer paintings. She is now venturing into Acrylics and mixed media, and has become bolder and more confident with colour and size. However, she still enjoys watercolours, and likes to use different techniques and styles to achieve unique results.
Cassie has organised and attended many workshops in her region and is now involved in Tambo Arts Council and helps run the Grassland Gallery.