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Vast Arts
Vast Arts services over 600,000 square kilometres of central and south west Queensland, a region encompassing approximately a third of the area of the state. It is a vast area with a small and  resilient population that operate in some of the most remote and extreme conditions. From this region comes a unique and diverse creative product.

Vast Arts is an independent non-profit arts organisation that is run for artists by artists. Vast Arts mission is to make the arts visible and viable in our western Queensland communities by creating opportunities for   artists to showcase their unique and diverse work. This brings educational opportunities, cultural enrichment and economic benefits to the entire region.

Vast Arts is a member based organisation which provides a range of services that allow members to acquire the skills, confidence and    ability to pursue their chosen art form. Vast Arts assists with the development of artists so they are self sufficient and empowered,     enabling them to seek out opportunities while enhancing their own skills and level of professionalism.

Vast Arts projects include:
Connections—providing a networking and communication portal to artists in the region through weekly newsletters and social media.
Channel Country Photography Competition and Exhibition— collecting images of this unique region and showcasing them to a wide and appreciative audience.
Vacant Spaces—utilising empty shops and buildings in our towns for short term art activities such as exhibitions, workshops, etc.
Artist development program—providing participants with business and other skills to make art their profession, culminating in a group exhibition in Brisbane and then available for tour.

Vast Arts works with individuals and other organisations to make these and other projects relevant and successful. Thanks to Desert Channels Group, Flying Arts Alliance, Qantas Founders Museum, Hugh Sawrey Gallery and Grassland Art Gallery.                           

A  PO Box 396
    Longreach Q 4730


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